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Esther Nabadda defends her PhD Thesis

On May 6th 2024, Esther Nabadda made the defense of her PhD Thesis within the UMH Doctoral Program in Bioengineering.

The jury was composed by Prof. Carlos R. Fernández-Pousa, from UMH, Prof. Morten Geday, from Universidad Politécnica de Madrid and Prof. Irene Estévez, from Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona.

The Thesis, entitled «Liquid-crystal modulators in optical phase-shifting interferometry and polarimetric imaging«, was supervised by Ignacio Moreno and María del Mar Sánchez-López, and it was presented as a compendium of 5 articles:

Mueller matrix imaging polarimeter with polarization camera self-calibration applied to structured light components, Journal of the European Optical Society – Rapid Publications 20, 5 (2024). PDF

Retrieving the phase of diffraction orders generated with tailored gratings, Optics Letters 48(2), 267-270 (2023). Post-print

Mueller matrix polarimetric analysis applied to characterize the physical parameters of a twisted-nematic liquid-crystal modulator, Optics & Laser Technology 156, 108567 (2022). PDF

Ferroelectric liquid-crystal modulator with large switching rotation angle for polarization-independent binary phase modulation, Optics & Lasers in Engineering 159, 107204 (2022). PDF

Phase-shifting common-path polarization self-interferometry for evaluating the reconstruction of holograms displayed on a phase-only display, Frontiers in Physics 10:920111 (2022). PDF




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