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TODOSTecnOPTO (Grupo de Tecnologias Ópticas y Optoelectronicas) is the Group of Optics and Optoelectronic Technologies at University Miguel Hernández, in Elche, Spain.

Our group develops different research lines, all within the field of Physical Optics and Optolectronics. We are located at the University Miguel Hernández, in the beautiful city of Elche, in Spain.

We enjoy doing research and working in projects with collaborators all over the world. We also enjoy teaching and involving our students in our projects.





Our last paper published in Optics Letters entitled Retrieving the phase of diffraction orders generated with tailored gratings, presents a self-interferometric technique based on a liquid-crystal SLM, useful to measure the phase content of diffraction gratings.

A Fourier transform optical setup is converted into a polarization common-path interferometer by simply rotating a polarizer. Then, this configuration allows a phase-shifting interferometry algorithm to be applied to retrieve the phase of the diffraction orders.

The paper has been highlighted as Editor’s pick.

This work is part of PhD Thesis of Esther Nabadda.








On November 28th, 2022, we had the visit of Prof. Eugenio Roldán, from the University of Valencia.

Prof. Roldán participated in the event DIVULGA-NOBEL 2002, where he presented the talk «Teoría cuántica: Tres pies al gato», where he explained the 2022 Nobel Prize in Physics awarded to Alain Aspect, John F. Clauser and Anton Zeilinger.

If you missed this excellent presentation by Prof. Roldán, you can now view it in the following link





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