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TODOSTecnOPTO (Grupo de Tecnologias Ópticas y Optoelectronicas) is the Group of Optics and Optoelectronic Technologies at University Miguel Hernández, in Elche, Spain.

Our group develops different research lines, all within the field of Physical Optics and Optolectronics. We are located at the University Miguel Hernández, in the beautiful city of Elche, in Spain.

We enjoy doing research and working in projects with collaborators all over the world. We also enjoy teaching and involving our students in our projects.






Our last paper published in Optics and Laser Technology (OLT) is entitled Mueller matrix polarimetric analysis applied to characterize the physical parameters of a twisted-nematic liquid-crystal modulator.

This work presents a complete polarimetric study of a twisted-nematic (TN) LC cell. We review the existing physical models and analyze the different modulation regimes. We extend the usual Jones matrix approach, where these microscopic physical models were developed, to the corresponding Mueller matrix approach. This polarimetric analysis is then used to obtain the effective linear and circular retardance components of the cell and to characterize its physical parameters like the twist angle, the orientation of the LC director axis and the maximum retardance. The technique simplifies previous approaches with the advantage of employing a single wavelength.

This work is part of the PhD Thesis of Esther Nabadda.






lunes, 19 de septiembre de 2022