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TODOSTecnOPTO (Grupo de Tecnologias Ópticas y Optoelectronicas) is the Group of Optics and Optoelectronic Technologies at University Miguel Hernández, in Elche, Spain.

Our group develops different research lines, all within the field of Physical Optics and Optolectronics. We are located at the University Miguel Hernández, in the beautiful city of Elche, in Spain.

We enjoy doing research and working in projects with collaborators all over the world. We also enjoy teaching and involving our students in our projects.






Our last paper is now published in Chinese Optics Letters entitled Experimental implementation of phase triplicator gratings in a spatial light modulator.

It reports on the different methods for implementing a triplicator, a phase grating that generates three equi-intense diffraction orders. The design with optimal efficiency features a continuous phase profile, which cannot be easily reproduced, and is typically affected by quantization. We compare its performance with binary and sinusoidal phase profiles. We also analyze the effect of quantizing the phase levels. Finally, a random approach is adopted to eliminate the additional harmonic orders.

In all cases, a liquid-crystal-on-silicon spatial light modulator is employed to experimentally verify and compare the different approaches.






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