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SPIE Photonics West 2023

Ignacio Moreno attended SPIE Photonics West 2023 held in San Francisco from January 28th to February 2nd. He participated in the SPIE conference Complex Light and Optical Forces XVII, where he delivered the presentation Polarization state generator for the generation of complex light with controllable degree of polarization.




Workshop on Structured Light and its Applications

TecnOpto participated at the Virtual Workshop on Structured light and its Applications organized by the Friedrich Schiller University Jena in November 7th-8th. María del Mar Sánchez-López presented a talk about “Tailoring depolarization spatial patterns with a liquid-crystal SLM”, and Esther Nabadda presented the poster «Retrieving the phase distribution of structured light beams by a selfinterferometric technique». The poster was  selected as the first Best Poster Award sponsored by the SPIE-OPTICA Student Chapter of Friedrich Schiller University Jena Link.

EOSAM 2022

TecnOpto participated at the EOS Annual Meeting – EOSAM2022 held in Porto from September 12th to 16th. Ignacio Moreno presented  our interferometric system for measuring the phase content of structured light beams within the conference Advances and Applications in Optics & Photonics, chaired by Manuel Filipe Costa and María Teresa Flores-Arias. Related publication: EPJ Web of Conferences 266, 13024 (2022) Link.

SPIE Optical Engineering + Applications 2022

TecnOpto participated at the conference SPIE Optical Engineering + Applications 2022, held in San Diego in August 20-24th. María del Mar Sánchez-López delivered the invited talk «Spatial depolarization patterns generated with dynamic retardance functions» at the conference Laser Beam Shaping XXII. Related publication: Proc. SPIE vol. 12023, 1202309 (2022) Link.

Bienal de Física – RSEF

TecnOPTO participated in the meeting XXXVIII Bienal de Física, organized by RSEF – The Royal Spanish Society of Physics, this year held in Murcia from 11th to 15th of July 2022. We contributed with two communications at the Symposium of Advanced Optics, presented by Esther Nabadda and María del Mar Sanchez respectively, as well as another communication to the Symposium on Women in Physics, presented by Pascuala García. In addition, Pas was member of the Scientidic Committee, organized a Round Table and chaired the Symposium on Women in Physics.




Frontiers in Optics

On September 17th 2020, David Marco presented the communication entitled «Measuring the non-uniformity of a liquid-crystal on silicon spatial light modulator with light out of the operation range (FTh5A.2)» in the OSA meeting Frontiers in Optics FiO2020. This communication is related to the recent publication in Optics Letters LINK.

SPIE Optics & Photonics

Ignacio Moreno participated in this conference with two communications presented online. In the links below you can access the corresponding paper and presentation.

I. Moreno, M. J. Yzuel, M. L. Calvo, “The International Day of Light in Spain – a three years perspective”, Proc. SPIE 11480, Optics Education and Outreach VI, 114800H (7 pp) (2020). LINK

I. Moreno, M. M. Sánchez-López P. García-Martínez, D. Marco, A. Vargas, G. López-Morales, J. C. Quiceno-Moreno, J. L. Martínez-Fuentes, “Efficient generation of vector beams”, invited talk, Proc. SPIE 11486, Laser Beam Shaping XX, 1148602 (9 pp) (2020). LINK

SPIE Photonics Europe

Despite the pandemic, we participated with two communications presented online on the SPIE Photonics Europe conference. David Marco and Guadalupe Lopez-Morales made the presentations.

D. Marco, M. M. Sánchez-López, A. Cofré, A. Vargas, I. Moreno, “Geometric-phase grating as an optical vortex generator and detector”, Proc. SPIE vol. 11354, Optical Sensing and Detection VI, 1135430 (2020) LINK

G. López-Morales, M. M. Sánchez-López, I. Moreno, «Liquid-crystal polarization state generator», Proc. SPIE vol. 11351, Unconventional Optical Imaging II, 113511P (12 pp) (2020) LINK

SPIE Photonics West

Ignacio Moreno attended 2020 Photonics West SPIE OPTO, and delivered the following talk:

J. A. Davis, B. K. Gutierrez, I. Moreno, and D. M. Cottrell, «Spatial light modulators with large phase-modulation: application to encode lenses with very short focal lengths», Proc. SPIE vol. 11304, Advances in Display Technologies X; 113040C (2020) LINK




XXXVII Bienal de Fisica, Zaragoza, July 2019

BienalPascuala García, María del Mar Sánchez, and David Marco attended the Bienal de Física, the biannual Spanish meeting of Physics, organized in Zaragoza by the Spanish Royal Physics Society(RSEF) (LINK)

David presented the poster entitled «Parallel generation of vortex beams with a 2D optical triplicator geometric phase design» in the Symposium of Quantum Optics (see here the related publication). And Pascuala presented the flash talk entitled «Highly efficient generation of arbitrary vector beams» in the Symposium of Applied Photonics (see here the related publication).

Pascuala also organized and chaired the session of Women in Physics, where María del Mar gave a talk on the activity promoting women in STEM entitled «Jornadas La Ciencia tiene nombre de Mujer de la Universidad Miguel Hernández».



IONS 2019, Barcelona, June 2019

David Marco and Julio César Quiceno participated at IONS 2019, Barcelona, June 2019. They have enjoyed the interesting conferences, scientific discussions and networking opportunities of this conference hosted by the OSA student chapter at ICFO and backed by the International OSA Network of Students. LINK to the conference.

In his talk entitled «Two-dimensional geometric phase vortex grating based on the optimal triplicator design», David presented the design and characterization of a liquid-crystal geometric phase diffraction grating that generates 3×3 diffraction orders with vortex beams of different topological charges, and showed the operation of this grating as a vortex detector. These results have recently been published in Optics Express: LINK to the paper.

Julio César presented a poster entitled “Hybrid vector beams generated by cascaded q-plates” where he demonstrated a q-plate-based optical system capable of generating a variety of hybrid vector beams, and showed the rotation of their polarization pattern when comparing the near field and the far field captures. This optical system is more compact than those based on SLMs whilst bearing a notable degree of versatility.






María M. Sánchez-López and Ignacio Moreno attended the meeting SPIE Optics and Photonics 2018, held in San Diego (USA) in August 2018 from 19th to 23th.

Maria participated in the conference «Laser Beam Shaping XVIII» where she presented the talk entitled Extending the use of commercial Q-plates for the generation of high-order and hybrid vector beams. This work has been published inLogo Proc. SPIE 10744, 1074407 (2018); A. Dudley and A. V. Laskin Edts.

Ignacio participated in the conference «Optics Education and Outreach V», where he delivered the invited talk The first International Day of Light in Spain. This work has been published in Proc. SPIE 10741, 1074109 (2018); G, Groot Gregory, Edt.

Click on the titles to go the corresponding papers and recorded presentations.

The picture show us at the entrance of the Convention Center, with our friend Andres Márquez, from Universidad de Alicante.


TecnOPTO participated in the Reunión Nacional de Óptica – RNO2018, the Spanish Meeting of Optics, organized by SEDOPTICA, which this year was held at Universidad Jaume I de Castellón, from July 3th to 6th.

María del Mar Sánchez imparted the conference entitled «Analizador de haces vectoriales mediante una red de difracción con codificación de láminas Q», within the Simposium of Imaging Techniques.

Four other posters related to our research were presented at the conference by our students Aaron Cofré, Abdelghafor Messaadi and David Marco.



Ignacio Moreno participated as invited speaker in the Workshop on Adaptive Optics for Industry and Medicine AOIM XI, organized by Pablo Artal and his group at the University of Murcia in March 2018, 4-7.

Our latest results on the adaptive generation and detection of vector beams by means of liquid crystal spatial light modulators were presented in a talk entitled «Polarization Diffractive Elements displayed in Liquid Crystal Spatial Light Modulators».




Ignacio Moreno attended Photonics West, in San Francisco, in February 2018, 2nd-7th. An invited talk was presented by Jeffrey A. Davis on our mutual collaboration entitled Polarization state vector beam spectrum analyzer using q-plates encoded onto a spatial light modulator at the SPIE OPTO conference  Complex Light and Optical Forces XII, chaired by Enrique J. Galvez, David L. Andrews, and Jesper Glückstad.

A related manuscript is available at the SPIE Proceedings Volume 10549, Complex Light and Optical Forces XII; 105490L (2018). Link

Ignacio Moreno, as the current President of the Spanish Society of Optics – SEDOPTICA, signed the renovation of the collaboration agreement with SPIE. The picture shows Dr. Maryellen Giger, 2018 SPIE President, signing the agreement with Ignacio.





RSEFMaría del Mar Sanchez gave a talk about the generation of vectors beams with q-plate devices at the Meeting of the Royal Spanish Physical Society held in Santiago de Compostela in July 2017, 17th-21st, within the Symposium of Quantum & Non-linear Optics.

In this presentation, Maria del Mar reviewed some of our recent works. In the first part of the talk she presented the  performance of q-plates, and their combination to build other effective q-plates. In the second part she described the  implementation of q-plates on spatial light modulators, as well as their combination with axicon elements to create vector Bessel beams where both the topological charge and the polarization state vary upon propagation.


Pascuala Garcia presented the communication entitled On axis programmable microscope using liquid crystal spatial light modulator at the SPIE Optical Metrology Conference, held in Munich in June 25th to 29th, 2017.

A related manuscript is available at the SPIE Proceedings in Optical Methods for Inspection, Characterization, and Imaging of Biomaterials III, edited by Pietro Ferraro, Simonetta Grilli, Monika Ritsch-Marte, Christoph K. Hitzenberger, Proc. of SPIE Vol. 10333, 103330Q (2017). Link




wlcp2016Ignacio Moreno attended the 6th International Workshop on Liquid Crystals for Photonics – WLCP2016, that was held in Ljubljana (Slovenia) from September 14th to 16th.

In this workshop he presented an invited talk entitled Liquid-crystal spatial light modulator based optical architecture for the full polarization modulation – Application to encode optical polarization devices.

María del Mar Sánchez and Ignacio Moreno attended the meeting SPIE Optics & Photonics held in San Diego during August 18th to September 1st 2016.Logo

We presented two communications. María presented the invited communication entitled «Outreach activities on light science and technology at TecnOpto-UMH during the International Year of Light» at the conference Optics Education and Outreach IV. This communication reviewed all the activities we developed to commemorate the IYL. The corresponding proceedings can be found at: link.

And Ignacio presented the communication entitled «Physical and encoded Q-plates for the generation of switchable vector beams» at the conference Laser Beam Shaping XVII. This presentation reviewed our recent studies with q-plate devices. The corresponding proceedings can be found at: link.


Light & Color

Ignacio Moreno presented a communication at the international meeting Light & Color in Nature held in Granada in May-June 2016.

The communication was entitled “Eclipsed sunrise and other optical effects captured by MUDIC group of astronomy”, and it presented some of the pictures of optica phenomena captured by our friend José Manuel Villa, from MUDIC museum.





Ignacio Moreno presented an invited communication at the meeting SPIE Photonics Europe held in Brussels in April 2016.

welcome-lieberman-moreno-280The communication was entitled “Production of arbitrary polarized light beams with a liquid crystal spatial modulator”, and it was presented within the session Optical Micro- and Nanometrology. This communication reviews our recent advances in the design of polarization diffractive optical elements encoded onto a spatial light modulador system.

The related proceedings are Proceedings of SPIE 9890, 98900T (2016), and can be downloaded at: link

The picture shows Ignacio Moreno with SPIE President Robert Lieberman at the Welcome Reception at SPIE Europe. Link





LogoMaría M. Sánchez-López and Ignacio Moreno attended the meeting SPIE Optics & Photonics held in San Diego during August 2015, 9th to 13th.

The oral communication entitled “Spectral characterization and tuning with liquid-crystal retarders” was presented within the session Optics and Photonics for Information Processing IX.

The proceedings of this presentation can be found at Proceedings of SPIE 9598, 95980E (2015), and can be downloaded at: link





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