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Prof. Miguel Alonso visits TecnOpto Lab

We had the honor to receive the visit of Prof. Miguel Alonso, Directeur Adjoint de la Recherche del Institute Fresnel, Marseille (France), Professor at the Institute of Optics, University of Rochester (USA) and Editor-in-Chief of the journal Optics Letters.

We invited Prof. Alonso to a combined visit to the Faculty of Physics of the University of Valencia (UV), where he dekivered the conference «The geometry hidden in Optics» and to the Institute of Bioengineering at UMH.

David Marco, who is now finishing a two-year postdoctoral stay at Marseille to work with Prof. Alonso, also joined in the visit. This reunion was held within the frame of a joint project (CIAICO/2021/276) of Generalitat Valenciana, also with the participation of Pascuala Garcia-Martínez and Eugenio Roldán from UV.

The picture shows us, from left to right Shang Gao, Esther Nabadda, David Marco, Miguel Alonso, María del Mar Sánchez-López and Ignacio Moreno.


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