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David Marco stays one month at ALBA synchrotron

Foto2David Marco stayed for one month at ALBA synchrotron, where he collaborated in the implementation and calibration of a liquid-crystal on silicon spatial light modulator, to be used in a fluorescence microscope in one of the lines of ALBA.

David has worked with experienced reserchers of ALBA, Eva Pereiro, Dominique Heinis and Josep Nicolás.

This stay was performed within the frame of our common national research project, coordinated by Prof. Juan Campos at Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona (UAB). This project involves the Optical Metrology & Image Processing Laboratory (MIP-OptiLab), the ALBA – Laboratory of Optics and TecnOPTO Laboratory.

This stay is also part of David’s training and research development within his PhD Thesis in the TECNIT PhD Program at UMH.


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